Hotel Pension Wolff is situated in Vlissingen centre, and within walking distance of the cities main attractions. Heading down the street in westward direction will take you to the boulevards. Ideal for a good walk, or just to watch the ships passing by while seated on one of the seafront benches.

Halfway there, you will pass CineCity. This modern movie theatre, where the latest films are showing, is home to the yearly internationally renowned “Film by the Sea” festival. It hosts a cafe restaurant, and offers a vast car park.

Opposite the hotel there is a large shopping mall with all kind of shops and boutiques. Every friday the weekly market takes place on the Scheldeplein, a public square practically on the hotels doorstep. As the shopping arcade is mostly covered, you can even go shopping in the rain without getting wet.

In the heart of the city the Saint Jacobs-church is located. This is where the famous Michiel Adrianaanszoon de Ruijter is said to have scaled its tower in order to show his courage.

You can quietly walk to the Bellamypark in less than 10 minutes. This buzzing square is lined with bars and restaurants, many of them with spacious terraces.

It is on this square that several large outdoor events such as the the “Onderstroom” streetfestival and the yearly 5th of May liberation-festival take place.

In one of the squares corners there is the reptile-zoo Iguana with its collection of live reptiles, amphibians and insects.

A very popular event during summer is the so-called “ringrijden”. This is a local sport where well trained riders on their bareback draught horses gallop over a 36 meter long sandy track. They must catch a ring with a 38mm diameter that hangs over the track with their lance. In the course of the competition the ring gets smaller and smaller. As the ring gets smaller, the points that can be obtained go up.

Just around the corner from the Bellamypark the marina is situated. Here you will find the muZEEum as well, where you can experience the significance of the sea and learn about Zeeland’ s nautical past and present.

Not much further there is the Arsenaal. Here children will be marvelled in the biggest pirate experience in the Netherlands. It is host to Zeelands largest collection of marine animals as well.

If you walk the boulevard in northern direction you will get to the Nollebos. In this forrest there is a canoe pond and a small entertainment park. You can rent your own canoe for a trip on the pond. In the café you can enjoy a cup of coffee indoors our on the covered outdoor terrace.

The boulevards offer a stunning view on the Scheldt estuary, where it flows into the North Sea. Huge vessels pass by almost within arm’s reach. Here local pilots board the ships in order to provide a safe passage.

The seafront offers a magnificent spectacle, especially when the sea is rough. It is lined with restaurants an terraces where you can fully enjoy the scenery. In the summertime, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches.


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